Deborah Lee Ph.D. NLP, FEP

Holistic Health Practitioner and Educator

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Working as an Environmental Educator in the mid 1970’s, Deborah realized that a clean, healthy global environment begins with personal health. Since then she has studied natural health extensively. She is author of numerous magazine articles and the book “Exploring Nature’s Uncultivated Garden”.

As an Herbal Educator, Deborah guides students to a greater understanding of how to live in harmony with nature. She offers joy- filled workshops and talks on growing, preparing and using medicinal, wild edible and culinary herbs. Catch her passion!

We and the Earth are One.
When we heal ourselves, we heal the Planet.

~ D. Lee

Qualifications and Associations:

Deborah has a Ph.D. in Nutrition, Masters in Environmental Education and a Bachelors in Psychology. She is a licensed, ordained Minister; a certified Flower Essence Practitioner with the Flower Essences Society and a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (a form of cognitive restructuring).

Deborah is Past President of Illinois Herb Association and the Muddy River Herb Guild, member of International Herb Association, 6-year Board Member of Illinois Specialty Growers Association (part of the Illinois Farm Bureau); and a 15 year University of Illinois Master Gardener.

She is available year-round for speaking engagements and workshops. She presents a variety of programs on medicinal, culinary and wild edible herbs.

Deborah’s specialty is Holistic Health and Herbs: Medicinal, Culinary and Wild Edible and Heritage. She uses both medicinal and culinary herbs every day including herbal beverages and teas, herbs in food, essential oils, flower essences, tinctures and capsules, herbal soap, toothpaste, salves and more. Health is Deborah’s lifestyle and herbs are a constant habit.
We invite you to share her passion for health. Our Calendar of Events page lists the programs Deborah will offer, both at Four Winds Farm and beyond. Classes at the farm offer participants a chance to get out in the gardens, identify and collect herbs and vegetables, then work closely with a small group of people to use them in various preparations to either eat or take home.
Deborah’s intent is to help empower people to take charge of their health and learn about herbs…from the ground up.

Links & Associations

Body Mind Spirit – Wellness Center at 1704 N. 24th Street, Quincy

Tri-State Local Foods Network –  FWF (and me) is part of this group and I have a page on the website

Terripin Farms – They rent 4 acres from me and grow organic vegetables for 2 CSA groups (community supported agriculture); plus 2 farmers markets and restaurants: Quincy and O’Fallon. Brad and Jessica Whiston

ISGA– Illinois Specialty Growers Association. Illinois Herb Association and other Specialty Growers

Illinois Master Gardeners – U of I site for Master Gardener and Gardening Info

International Herb Association – Member

FES Flowers – the business side of the educational organization below

Flower Essence Society – I’m listed on this site as a Flower Essence Practitioner. This site is listed on the above one; but this link allows quicker access to practitioners.

Transition Quincy –  Charter (active) member of this community organization

Gem City Toastmasters – Active member of this Quincy area public speaking group.